About us

Everyone has their own path to follow, but what if your path is different than everything you’ve been taught? This is what happens when you decide to leave Jehovah’s Witnesses. Often losing the largest part of your community, support and purpose, pressing on and choosing to live life on your own terms may be the bravest thing you’ll ever do. And we’re here to support you.

Leaving JW may be wrong for some and right for others. We are not here to judge either choice. Our mission is to support those who choose to leave by spreading information and creating a safe space to share experiences. As this project matures more resources may be added. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could create a safety net, so that no person who feels like they no longer belong with JW is held back by their fear of finding themselves all alone? 

The team

No Witnesses is started by a former JW and his partner, but is a group effort. Behind the scenes a lot of people are involved in providing feedback and sharing their stories. If you’d like to contribute your story or skills – please get in touch!

Cedric van Bommel

Cedric van Bommel

Co-founder & former JW

My parents started studying with Jehovah’s Witnesses shortly after I was born, so I was basically raised in it. To me it was the truth and nothing else (except for some short periods of doubt) until I was 30, which was in 2014, when I started to have to explain to my children why we believe certain things.

From that point on, I feel like I had to really start discovering what life is about. I’ve come a long way from there, and still have to learn a lot, and I would love to help other people on this path.


Marianna Zelichenko

Marianna Zelichenko


I’ve never been a JW, but learned a lot about this system when I met Cedric in 2017. As I met more former witnesses throughout the years I noticed many of them had similar struggles with the aftermath of leaving the community.

I’m a big fan of personal freedom and I believe everyone should have the support to choose the path they want to follow, even if that includes leaving behind what you were taught to believe.  That’s why nowitnesses.org is one of my passion projects.